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   I just kind of figured that I should probably make some sort of roleplay info sheet for anyone interested. My username is twiliunicorn, and you're welcome to call me Twili or Meagan. Whichever is more comfortable for you

Just some general rules:

:bulletblue: I'm a hopeless romantic, and I have a really hard time doing non-romantic roleplays. There have been some exceptions in the past, but there's a whole long story behind that.
:bulletblue: I'm better at playing female characters (since I AM a female after all) but I can use males.
:bulletblue: Paragraphs only, please. Script is reserved only for close friends
:bulletblue: I prefer for my roleplay partners to have pretty strong English. I understand it's a damned hard language, but I really don't want to confuse you since I can get pretty elaborate with my writing if I feel like it.
:bulletblue: When you reply, just give me something to work with. I won't hate you forever if you send me a one-liner as long as said one-liner keeps the story moving

Fandoms and Ships

:bulletpink: Vocaloid (Gakupo/Luka* and Kaito/Meiko*) We'll have to work out how each of us portrays the characters, since I know it's different for everyone
:bulletpink: Spectrobes (Rallen/Jeena*, Kate/Wright**, Young!Grant/OC*, or OC/OC) Woo, I'd really be shocked if anyone actually knows this one. I have a very strong preference for Kate/Wright and would really love to RP that ship sometime. Also! I have a ton of OCs for this universe, just ask.
:bulletpink: Legend of Zelda (My ships vary from game to game) But I do ship Zelda/Link in just about every game BUT Twilight Princess. Also, I haven't roleplayed this in ages, so I might be rusty
:bulletpink: Super Smash Bros. (Samus/Ike*) Another ship I've really wanted to roleplay. In fact--I've just been wanting to roleplay Samus for a while.

Let's Talk About Sex (rules regarding smut)

:bulletpurple: *ships I would be okay doing smut for
:bulletpurple: **ships I really want to do smut for.
:bulletpurple: If we're using OCs, my OCs have different preferences and boundaries.
:bulletpurple: When it comes to Fetishes and other kinky things, please ask before you act. I'd personally prefer to keep it vanilla, but you never know.
:bulletpurple: Try to be somewhat realistic. I may not be too squeamish and I realize suspension of disbelief keeps things interesting, but I'm not going to roleplay anything porn-level over-the-top.
:bulletpurple: Don't force my character into having sex with your character
:bulletpurple: Wrap it before you tap it. For realism's sake (unless we've agreed beforehand for our characters to  have unprotected sex)


:bulletorange: If I get bored/run out of ideas, I'll let you know
:bulletorange: Sometimes I get stumped, and won't reply for a while, other times I get a burst of inspiration and can go for days. Basically, I can be very inconsistent
:bulletorange: If I can tell my note has been read and you haven't replied for three days, I'll resend it, presuming you forgot.
:bulletorange: ^do the same for me if I haven't replied in three days.
:bulletorange: If you want to quit/put it on hiatus, just tell me.
:bulletorange: Conversely, respect my decision to quit/put it on hiatus.

That's just about everything I could think of! If you've got any other questions about these rules or are interested in roleplaying with me, just send me a note or comment on this journal.


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Ahh your art is looking so gorgeous!!;v;
I haven't seen it in a long while, I love all of it!
twiliunicorn Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2015  Student General Artist
Hey, you're alive! On this site I mean--I thought you'd moved to Twitter o3o

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yep, definitely still alive! u0u
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I'm actually more active here than I am on twitter now :0

No problem!;v;
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Want to continue our rp?
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Not particularly. 
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